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“Flower Town” in Tianwei!!

Embracing the romantic and colorful atmosphere, Zhuoshuixi, pervaded with the eternal happiness, nourishes Tianwei with plentiful products and tourist resources and spreads the sweet smells, laying foundation for Tianwei, the “flower town.”

Tianwei Township, Changhua County, is the place to grow flowers earliest in Taiwan. It is located between the townships of Xihu, Yongjing, Beidou, Pitou, and Shetou, also the largest area for growing flowers at present.

The “Highway Garden” in the township is almost 500 hectares, including more than 200 gardening centers. The surroundings are the flower fields more than 1000 hectares. Take a stroll at Tianwei trails and enjoy the fresh air with light fragrance of flowers and herbs. What comes into view is the scenery of the splendid world which plays the most touching melodies of Tianwei. The breeze caresses the face of every visitor, who can look for the hundred-year-old love tree to make a love wish and feel the phytoncide of love to nurture mind.

Like the colorful sweets, the flowers of “Tianwei Sweet Garden” bloom as the token of love in lovers’ hands and draw the sweet map.