Quande Rose Manor House

Quande Rose Manor House is a scenic restaurant filled with romantic roses in European-style architecture.

The water fountains and love-shaped chairs are so lovely that make you want to snap a photo with them.

All flowers and plants in the garden are grown by the owner with extreme love and care, bringing the place a heartwarming feeling.

The aroma of coffee permeates the entire manor house. Not only can visitors enjoy looking at flowers, they can also enjoy the delicacies and laid-back atmosphere in the afternoon. The owner also specializes in latte art, so coffee aficionados- don’t forget to order a cup of coffee!

Back then, when I began dating my wife, I found out that she loves coffee, which is something I was entirely unfamiliar with.

That’s why I started to drink coffee, and later learned how to make coffee.

What I am now demonstrating is a latte art called “two dragons competing for a pearl”

It’s a picture I made when I went into the World Barista Competition in South Korea.
No.451, Sec. 1, Minsheng Rd., Tianwei Township, Changhua County 522
Tel:04 824 5889