Yixin Park

Located at the heart of Tienwei,

You will find Tienwei Tourist Center nearby, where visitors can get travel information.
Around the park there are also daytime and nighttime cycling tracks

At the plaza in front, this is the place where occasionally events are held. There is also a creativity market in front of the tourist center, and all people are highly welcome.

The park is equipped with all facilities, a good place where parents can spend time with kids, and for couples to walk around.

There is a fountain plaza in the park where people can play with water.

Sitting inside the pavilion and looking out the window-like installation art piece, you feel as if you are in a motion picture.

A casual walk can relax yourself, allowing one to enjoy peace of mind that comes naturally and settle all emotions.
No.156, Sec. 1, Minzu Rd., Tianwei Township, Changhua County 522
Tel:04 883 6882