Sanheyuan coffee

Located within sanheyuan architecture that brings you back to the old times, our store is blending in the nostalgic grocery store elements, exhibiting various antique items to bring back people’s memories.

We also have a small section where kids can play games with antique items,
allowing kids to have some fun and memories while they are still kids.

Mostly we offer here desserts for afternoon tea.

Today we are introducing waffle with vanilla ice cream.

The ice cream is in fact gelato, which we make ourselves.

We also make our own waffle recipe.

We always make waffles upon order, never make it beforehand and wait for customers.

These are the products most often ordered by our customers, and we hope you can come and taste them.

Vita Gelato
We also have our signature Vita Gelato, which is a blend of Oriental and Western styles.

Surrounded by the unique bricks and tiles of sanheyuan, the store has typical atmosphere.

Sitting by the window in the afternoon, a cup of coffee in hand and looking at garden sceneries, it brings you an enjoyable experience.
No.476, Sec. 1, Minsheng Rd., Tianwei Township, Changhua County 522
Tel:04 823 4111