Green Life Garden

A cute, mind-soothing garden built by Hsiungnong couple.

For those of you who love succulent plants, you definitely don’t want to miss out. Stepping into this country-style garden,

there are so many kinds of cute succulents, as if waving their hands to attract your attention, making your heart pounding.

Here you also see the most complete species of tillandsia plant, a plant most popular among lazy owners.
You can also find flower pots handmade from cement!

Each type of succulent plant has its own tags.
Hsiunnong couple has put much love and care into the garden
that brings the garden a home feeling.

There is even learning courses at the garden where you can learn about various topics sitting in the white container.
The owner invites experts to give visitors lessons, and such multi-topic planning allows visitors to deepen their experience.
For those of you who seek a mind-soothing experience, come by!

Welcome to the Green Life Garden.
We have the most diverse and richest succulent plants in Taiwan.
We welcome your visit to experience the beauty of Tienwei, to feel what’s special about local living.
We look forward to your future visits.
No.121, Zhangcuo Ln., Tianwei Township, Changhua County 522
Tel:0931 168 265