Tenway Garden

This is a secret garden located in a small alley.

Upon entering, you find towering bold cypress in front of you, and there are bridges, little creeks, and phytoncide coming out of the trees.

There are two massive greenhouses in the garden, which are green buildings. Before entering, you are greeted by a sea of streptocarpella flower. The plants, lighting and windows in the greenhouses are designed according to the air flow so guests dining inside can have a relaxed state of mind. As if sitting in a rainforest, you have French windows in front, and a spectacular garden view out there.

Step into another greenhouse, you find yourself enjoying another feast of the mind.

The second floor is a beautiful flower studio, which is designed with European style, giving a simplistic yet fun living feeling.

It makes you want to stroll around, and feel as if you have come into a secret room, or walked into a painting-like dream.

On the third floor, we have the café. It is the highest point of our garden.

Spend some time in the afternoon here to enjoy the farm villages and field sceneries in Tienwei.

In the garden we also have an ice cream store, where you can relax a bit and savor the tasty dessert.

Remember to slow your paces when you come to Tenway Garden, sedate yourself with the peaceful and simple happiness of the countryside fields, and enjoy this fantastic time~
No.73, Zhangcuo Ln., Tianwei Township, Changhua County 522
Tel:0912 243 535