Granny’s Home Style Cuisine

From the popular soft, tender, and chewy peanut pork knuckle, to the sliced taro cake that smells awesome-these are all traditional cuisines made with traditions.

And you can find them right here at Granny’s Home Style Cuisine

I am the 3rd generation owner of Granny’s Unique Style Cuisine, and I am about to introduce to you the history of our cuisines, and how our restaurant gets its name.

It’s because our ancestors were flower farmers, who have a lot of labors working for us.

Our grandma always cooks for all the people, and as time gets by, all flower farmers are used to the taste of the food grandma cooks.

Whenever people come to our house, grandma cooks for them.

So some guests or diners suggested grandma to open a restaurant, and that is how our restaurant came to being.
We have been running this restaurant for 20 years now.

First of all, I am introducing our unique style cuisines.
This plate is the most popular dish- braised peanut pork knuckle.
It has been slowly cooked for 8 hours.
It must be cooked for at least 8 hours before serving.

Then we have here dried broccolis, a Hakka dish.

It is purely dried by exposing to sunlight and has not be salted.

This is sliced taro cake, made by slicing the taro, then preparing it according to traditional recipe.

Also a popular dish in our restaurant- chicken soup with aged, dried radishes.

The aged, dried radishes we use are over 20 years of storage, which are really rare today.

Our cuisines are primarily Hakka style, but we also have some Minnan dishes and a few common Taiwanese dishes.
Most importantly is that we cook with ingredients from current season and sourced locally.

We have a Japanese-style bar table, where guests mostly eat what’s on offer by our chefs, with no menu.

Across where we dine, we see a vast green field, and the vegetables are planted by our owner.

In an old house filled with traditional atmosphere and scenes, it's as if you are suddenly walking in a time tunnel, savoring the past, and you cannot help but to simply feel happy.
No.240, Liufeng Rd., Tianwei Township, Changhua County 522
Tel:04 824 0249