Chrysanthemums under the lamps As sun sets

Chrysanthemums under the lamps As sun sets,

it is time for going for a walk among the chrysanthemum flower fields.

The sheer vast amount of flowers transform into an absolute beauty sparkling before

you, and you cannot help but to indulge yourselves in such romantic atmosphere.

As night arrives, the flower field sheds its bright colors, and dons a new shining makeup and clothing, as if the innumerable stars accompany each other in their descend from the skies in an orderly form into the flower fields.

This is the most famous “chrysanthemums under the lamps” scenery people come to see in Tienwei.

Why not stay overnight here and enjoy listening to the tranquil atmosphere.

All sorts of chrysanthemums suit for various occasions.

So remember to come here and experience the beauty of chrysanthemums next time when you plan your visit to Tienwei.


No.240, Liufeng Rd., Tianwei Township, Changhua County 522