We often hear visitors to Tienwei say that they have no idea what to do in Tienwei;

Well, that’s what the locals are for. Let them show you around.

There are more than 200 horticulture businesses in Tienwei,

with all types of plants, flowers and grasses, as well as garden landscape designs.

Everything you can think of, you will find it here.

There are also plants that have drawn enormous attention worldwide, such as the excellent species of orchid.

Here, you can see all sorts of flowers for various occasions, plants that make your day, artistic pots of plants, and also beautiful sceneries along the way. There are just too much to be seen.

And don’t miss your chance to become an internet celebrity—There are just many scenic spots that you definitely would love to upload to Instagram, all waiting for you to find out. But more importantly, we want you to hang around with plants, because they can make you feel alive and well.

There are also cycling tracks that allow you to roam around, breathing fresh air, and burn a couple of calories.

Or, why not stay overnight in Tienwei and go deeper experiencing the local beauty?

You will find in Tienwei more things to do than you imagined and will not go home disappointed.

In daytime, stroll along streets and alleys with ease, and have an afternoon tea when you find your legs sore.

At night, enjoy taking a romantic walk in shinning lights,Finding yourself ever more satisfied by deeper yet casual traveling in Tienwei. GO~